Timely- 10 months later

Well, I never posted about the league that started in January.

A quick recap on the season.  Started off slow, with the same guy (New Kid, who's not so new anymore) winning the first 3 weeks.  He then fell off.  I remained consistent, finishing in the top 3 or 4.  Finally at week 8 (double week) I took down a win, and took the overall lead.  I never gave it up after that and all but clinched it going into the final week.

So for any of those keeping score (and I believe that is none of you), that's a FOUR-PETE.

It ended in May and I told them, if they were going to do another league over the summer, I wasn't going to be able to make it.  I never heard, but I don't think they had another season. 

I was really kind of  surprised when I got the text the other day saying they were ready.  I agreed and look forward to another 16 weeks of poker.  I'm playing to win, but do feel a little bad about the constant winning.  I'm afraid it might kill the game.

After the win last season, I took the money and hit the casino.  I learned a VALUABLE lesson.  More on that later.

-My name is Unimpressed, and I'm an donkaholic.