Timely- 10 months later

Well, I never posted about the league that started in January.

A quick recap on the season.  Started off slow, with the same guy (New Kid, who's not so new anymore) winning the first 3 weeks.  He then fell off.  I remained consistent, finishing in the top 3 or 4.  Finally at week 8 (double week) I took down a win, and took the overall lead.  I never gave it up after that and all but clinched it going into the final week.

So for any of those keeping score (and I believe that is none of you), that's a FOUR-PETE.

It ended in May and I told them, if they were going to do another league over the summer, I wasn't going to be able to make it.  I never heard, but I don't think they had another season. 

I was really kind of  surprised when I got the text the other day saying they were ready.  I agreed and look forward to another 16 weeks of poker.  I'm playing to win, but do feel a little bad about the constant winning.  I'm afraid it might kill the game.

After the win last season, I took the money and hit the casino.  I learned a VALUABLE lesson.  More on that later.

-My name is Unimpressed, and I'm an donkaholic.

Here We Go Again

Another 16 week season is about to start. I'll be going for the four-peat. I'll post more once I know all the players involved.

-My name is Unimpressed, and I'm an donkaholic.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs of Apple died yesterday. I'm not entirely sure why, but this is having a strong effect on me. I'm not a Mac user. For most of my younger years, I was firmly on the PC side of the PC vs Mac wars (though now I would switch if it wasn't for the cost). However, Apple's iPods have really changed my life. They have moved me away from computers, in general, and introduced me to podcasts. Podcast have had a big impact on my life. For this invention alone, Steve Jobs has affected a big change in my life.

I'm also a big Kevin Smith fan now. And without podcasts (named after the ipod) he doesn't move from movies to Internet.

Thank You Mr. Jobs. You will be missed!

Week 1: vs. the Pats.

I'm going to start off by saying that I don't hate Brady.  I think he may be the best QB to ever play the game.  He just has such control of his offense.  When you watch him, you have to be in awe... even if they're playing your team.  Anytime you're watching him can be a historical game. 
OK... enough of that.  He's a jerk and I hate him!
This game left me with mixed emotions concerning the Dolphins.  First, kudos to Chad Henne.  I hope last night stops the complaining.  He showed he can lead this team.  He was far from perfect, having a handful of overthrows, but showed that he can throw and they don't need to run all the time.  I also have to tip my cap to Sparano for changing his mentality from run to throw.  The fact that they had no big back to run in from inside the 5 yard line killed them.  Could have added 2 touchdowns in there.  The Dolphins always had a defense, they just didn't show any offense.  It looks like that has changed.
Speaking of the defense... I'm REALLY hoping this game was indicative of the Patriots offense and NOT the Dolphins defense.  They were just MANHANDLED!  Brady had them sucking wind the entire game and they could not stop them at all.  I love Cameron Wake and was glad to see him get to Brady, but Solder owned Wake all night long.
All-in-all, this game has given me some hope for the Dolphins.  I'd be surprised if they could win the AFC East, barring any injury to Brady (or other key Patriots players), but if they can focus on their defense, and get their bigger backs healthier (can they beg Polite to come back?), I think the Dolphins have the opportunity to snag a Wild Card spot.


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Are You Ready For Some Footbaaaaaaaaalllllll!

As I'm not playing as much poker recently, I'm going to start sprinkling the blog with football tidbits.
Some of you may know, I'm a Dolphin fan.  I have been for a long time.  I have Dan Marino to thank (or blame) for that.  When I first started to get into football, I had no loyalties and wanted to find a team to follow.  I didn't want to be the typical New Yorker and pick the Giants, Bills or Jets, but still felt I needed a reason for my loyalties.  I was born in Miami and figured that's a good place to start.  I watched Marino play and was hooked.  Now mind you, at this time, I was probably 10 or 11.  I've been a fan ever since.  I'm not a "die-hard" fan, but I am a loyal fan.  I've liked other teams in the past (Cowboys, Rams, Cardinals), but always the Dolphins first (notice those are NFC teams).  I start each season with hope, but I'm realistic.  And I can't find the ability to root for any AFC East team, except the Bills (my wife's favorite team) last few seasons but only because they've been at the bottom for some time and not a threat (looks like that may be changing).  If they are competitive, I won't be able to root for them at all.  Super Bowl XLII, I was such Giants fan.  I always like to see the Pats lose, but had the added factor of keeping the 72 Dolphins with the only perfect season.
Anyway, all that is just pre-amble to say I'm a Dolphins fan and why I have this affliction.  I don't have Direct TV, so I can't watch every Dolphins game.  There will be at least 4 televised Dolphins games.  Two Monday Night Footballs games (Patriots, Jets), they play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, and then their 2nd Patriots game.  There are a few other potential games that will be aired: Week 7 vs. Broncos (but will probably be the Jets game) and Week 8 vs. Giants. 
I'll try to post my thoughts on the game the next day.  I know... you're holding your breathe.


NOTICE: The information contained in this electronic mail message is confidential and intended only for certain recipients.  If you are not an intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, reproduction, distribution or other use of this communication and any attachments is strictly prohibited.  If you have received this communication in error, please notify the sender by reply transmission and delete the message without copying or disclosing it.


Way The Fuck Off Base

For years, online poker players (yours truly included) have been saying that the Absolute and UB scandals were anomalies and that we can put our trust in the bigger sites.
"There's no profit in them stealing our money. They can make plenty of money off the rake."
"This is poker, they're word is what they have, if they were to cheat us, they'd lose everything."

Well as it turns out, there are even less companies to trust. Apparently there is profit in stealing from poker players... Profit, to the tune of $300,000,000 (or $400,000,000 in distributions to owners). Oops.

As many of you know, the Southern District of New York has amended their original complaint against FTP, what is known as Black Friday in the online world. Wicked Chops Poker has a good breakdown of the highlights.

  • As of March 31, 2011, Tilt owed players from around the world over approximately $390,695,788 but had only approximately $59,579,413 in its bank accounts. (page 72)

  • Howard Lederer received approximately $37M in distributions as well as another $4M in profit sharing (page 72).

  • Chris Ferguson received approximately $25M in distributions. (page 72)

  • Rafe Furst received approximately $11.7M. (page 73)

  • In all, it claims there are 19 owners of Full Tilt Poker. (page 73)

  • An owner, named as “Player owner 1″ but clearly Phil Ivey, is alleged to have received at least $40M in distributions, “as well millions of dollars characterized as loans,” of which $4.4 million have not been repaid. (page 73)

  • On that note, interestingly no other Full Tilt Poker owners where named in the amendment.

  • Owners continued to receive approximately $10M/month even though beginning in the summer of 2010, management/the board of directors were aware of issues in collecting funds from U.S. players. (page 73)

  • Approximately $130M in U.S. player funds were never collected due to payment processing issues. (page 74)

  • The amendment claims that Tilt was “extremely insolvent” by March 2010, however owner distribution payments continued as late as April 1, 2011. (page 74)

  • After 4/15, Tilt continued to accept funds although it had worldwide liabilities of over $300M. (page 75)

  • In an internal e-mail on June 12, 2011, Ray Bitar expressed concern that a company announcement regarding lay-offs and the Board (including himself) being replaced would be seen as bad news (which we find unbelievable–as most would’ve considered it great news), which in turn would cause a “new run on the bank,” adding that “it could be a huge run” and that “at this point we can’t even take a five million run.” (page 75)

  • Any property, including money, used in [an illegal gambling business] may be
    seized and forfeited to the United States–or better put–the accounts assets of Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, Ray Bitar, and Rafe Furst would be gonzo. (page 77)

  • Also, ownership percentages for the four Board members were listed as Ferguson (19.2%), Lederer (8.6%), Bitar (7.8%), and Furst (2.6%).

They are calling it a Ponzi Scheme. While there are those that are going to show, "LOOK! AT THIS! THIS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED IF IT WERE REGULATED!" I think this will put a huge delay into any kind of regulated online poker. It is going to scare the casual players away from playing anywhere. They're not going to see it as an issue of regulation vs the Wild West. They're going to see it as more evidence that these companies are just going to steal from you and that they should stay away.

With Full Tilt added to the list of untrustworthy poker sites, it starts to make you wonder, how clean is Pokerstars' closet?

-My name is Unimpressed, and I'm an donkaholic.

A Recap of the League

Sorry for not posting the results of the final week of the league.

The seating for the final week of the regular season was beneficial for the Host. He had Tilty to his left, followed by Stevie and Myself. A perfect spot to do a lot of re-raising. And it worked for him. He got a lot of folds when he was in cutoff and we were small blind and big blind. Host was still fighting. He could win the whole thing, but there had to be a specific order of me busting, followed by Stevie, and then Host winning the final week. For me it was about playing tight and hoping Stevie busted. It was unlikely, but Gus Hansen did it in the 2nd or 3rd Poker Superstars.

The guy on my immediate left (my heads up opponent in week 13), was pushing me around if I got into a pot. Finally, I took a stand. I had 77. He had limped in, and I was on the BB. I raised. He called. The flop came with 2 clubs, all under my 77. The turn is a J of clubs. I didn't put him on a jack, so when I bet, and he raises, I push all in. I have the bigger stack. He looks at me like "Really?" and then calls with the nut flush. I honestly didn't see the flush. I'm crippled and Stevie and Host are thrilled. Blinds are still low at this point, but I'm hurtin'. I just fold hoping for some big hands to clash. Not much happens. I believe, Drunky busts while I'm still low. I keep waiting and with about 6 BB left, UTG+2, I get AA. I shrug and shove. The Kid calls, and host, in the BB calls without looking. Neither are thrilled when they see my Rockets. I triple up and am in good shape. Especially since Stevie has less chips than I do.

The Kid is crippled here as well, and busts shortly after. The guy who took all my chips earlier, busts next. Stevie, can't recover and busts next. I'm estatic as I clinch the overall 1st spot. It's 3 handed and I'd LOVE to collect the first spot for the week as well. However, Tilty has been massively accumulating chips and the blinds are getting up there. Stevie is hanging around hoping Host busts, because that means he wins 2nd place overall (25% of the pool), but Host has to bust next. Blinds are too high and I push with KJ, but called by Tilty's A5. I don't improve and I'm out, Host is guaranteed 2nd overall, and Stevie goes home. The heads up lasts a while, but the chip count is too massive for Host to overcome. Finally, it all ends with Tilty winning the week.


At the end of the night, people were rooting against me. Not the overall win, as that would have been hard to prevent, but mostly they didn't want me to take down another double week. Which is bittersweet. I just hope it's not a game killer.

While I still maintain that I was extremely lucky in that I didn't often get UNlucky, a third season, in a row, says something, at least in my mind. It gave me confidence in my game. Three individual tournaments is one thing, but winning three, 16 week seasons goes beyond luck.

The league has been around for a while. This was my fourth time playing. I've tallied a 2nd place tie, and 3 wins. That's a pretty good return there. The Host has won it three times (not consecutively). Drunky has won it. The worst player ever has won it. Plus a few other people have won as well. I really hope this threepete wasn't a game killer.

It's been a month since the league ended, and no word from Host on when it might start up again. There was definitely a dying interest in the game. This season, we started with 9 and ended with 7. Plus for most of the 2nd half of the season, as least one person was out at almost every game. I think host is thinking about re-tuning the game. There was talk about increasing the buy-ins, maybe spreading out the payouts, at least on a week to week basis. Shortening it. I've suggested just making it a regular SnG and have a cash game after. His concern there is getting enough people interested in a weekly game.

I don't know if it will start up again, but if it does, and they still want me, I'll be there.

-My name is Unimpressed, and I'm not SUCH a donkaholic.

We Are Back

The league too the holiday weekend off, but was back this week with the final regular week game. One no show. Unfortunately, it went almost as bad as it could have gone.

I had very few hands. The ones I played, I playex poorly. My first hand was QQ. I just limped. Now earlier there was some pre-flop raising, so I hoped I'd get one of those. No such luck. The flop was 982. Check around. The turn was a Jack. The kid bet, host called and so did I. The river was a 7. Uggg. Kid bet again, host called. I figured I might be good here since host didn't raise, but didn't want to press my luck. I had the kid beat but host had the T. My next poorly played hand was 22. Limped pot. The flop comes 2h9hTs. I don't slow play and bet 6 (1/2 blinds still). Kid insta-raises to 20. Drunky goes All-in (but it's only a few more chips. This puts me all-in. This is where the points come into play. Any other time and I'm all-in here. I figure Drunky for the flush and/or straight draw. I'm worried about the Kid. He's a tight player and not one to bluff. Plus he's been getting hit with the deck at times this season. I really put him on a set of 9s or a set of Ts. I fold my 22. I just didn't want to bust first. Drunky has the flush draw and Kid had top two. Nothing comes, drunky busts and I don't rake in a big pot.

My only other big hand was KK, in which I played OK and got a few chips there. Never enough to be dangerous and never had more than the starting stack. My last hand was UTG with A3 and less than 2 BB. I pushed. 3 callers. Flop an Ace, but Kid (In the SB) had 2 small pair. I'm out. Host loses a race with AK vs 22 to bust after me. I'm almost guaranteed 2nd place overall. Unfortunately, Kid gave a ton of chips to Steven and he took the week down. We are 5 points apart. It means more tight play from me, as he has to finish 3 spots ahead of me in a 7 handed game.

-My name is Unimpressed, and I'm an donkaholic.